Sports Stopwatch
The Basic Stopwatch Reinvented

Sports Stopwatch is an app designed from the ground up to be used without the need to look at the device. There are two ways to give it commands: the on screen buttons, and the volume buttons.

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Core Features

Sport Stopwatch is a feature packed app brining all the power of the old Ultrak sport watches to your pocket.

  • Volume Buttons

    Use the volume buttons on the side of your phone to control the stopwatch. Volume up to start and stop, and Volume down to lap and reset.

  • History

    Sports Stopwatch keeps a history of all the timing sessions making them available to view after the fact. It also has the ability to share the sessions via email or send to other apps.

  • Notes

    Sports Stopwatch has the capability for notes to be added while in a timing session. Notes can also be added after the event in the history view.

  • Split Calculator

    Easily calculate split goals with the built in Split Calculator. Just set the split distance, race distance, and the goal time.

About Sport Stopwatch

Sport Stopwatch is an app developed by two high school students (Connor and Max) trying to solve a problem for their swim and track coaches. When timing an event it is hard to start the stopwatch on the iPhone and look at the start at the same time. We decided to use the volume buttons and create a way to time without the need to look at the screen.

    • Volume Button Control
    • Note Taking
    • Full History
    • Split Calculator
    • Session Naming and Organization
    • Share to Other Apps

3.0 Beta

Join a group of Testflight beta testers to test out new features coming to Sports Stopwatch! All we need is your name and email.

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